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I have recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Diploma in Architecture. Currently I am living in Nottingham and I am looking for work in the surrounding area.

Please feel free to browse my website. If anything interests you do not hesitate to contact me via post, email or phone.


While at University I worked for several practices part-time during term and full-time over summer and other vacations.

Architecture has always been my passion and I have always worked to achieve my goal of becoming an architect. I tailored my education towards architecture from a young age, taking GCSEs in graphic design and design technology and choosing Art, Maths and Physics at A-level.

Many architects have inspired me over the years and I make a concerted effort once a year to visit a part of the world that is dominated by the architects that interest me most.

Now that I have finished university, these yearly visits will be the basis for my annual thesis work. I plan to continue working on thesis ideas in my free time to develop my skills as an Architectural Assistant and to find my true architectural style. I am still young but I never find myself shying away from work and through persistance and learning I always achieve my aims.

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