eldon building extension

Project Description:

This was my first project on the Diploma course at the University of Portsmouth. It is based on the site of the University Arts and Creativity Building. The brief was to create an extension to the existing building to house a new lecture theatre, gallery, dance studios and live/work studios.

The concept for my design is to provide a series of public and private spaces addressed by buildings with similar functions. The design is to produce a transition of spaces ranging from the entrance being a largely public space passing through to the final space which will be tranquil and secluded, addressed by the live/work studios. Internally the new design is to match the existing, with the ability to pass from one side of the building to the other without leaving the internal spaces.

This was an interesting project to work on and with such a public building the design and function of the spaces were very important to me and my design. The use of public and private space in architecture has always interested me; the delicate situation of what makes a space succeed or fail is a subject that intregues me and a large amount of my focus on this design is making the spaces, internal and external, thrum with activity.

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