minori valley workshop

Project Description:

This project was truly exciting to work on. Initially the research and overall concept for this project was produced by myself and a team of architectural diploma students. We travelled to Almalfi, Miori, Minori and Rivello in the South of Italy as part of a development scheme designed to draw attention up through the valleys of Italy rather than the coastline that is currently being produced by a group of architects in Naples.

After visiting several of the valleys we chose to locate our group projects in the Minori valley which, we all agreed, displayed the most potential for this redevelopment scheme. The group project was to create eight sites leading up the valley from the Minori coast to the Rivello summit. Each project aimed to create a variety of interesting events to draw people further up the valley.

My individual project was to take one of the derelict paper mills and convert it into a sponsorship workshop where people can visit and learn the history of the valleys of the coast, the argicultural heritage and the skills used in cultivating such an extreme terrain. The workshop would be a non-profit organisation that would help regenerate the rest of the valley and reinvent Minori as a whole.

The workshop itself would be divided into sections of apartments for workers, hotel rooms for visitors, indoor and outdoor workshops, valley gardens and large open spaces for displaying current development projects to help visitors interect with the workers and volunteers.

The route connecting to the other seven projects passes through the centre of the building which is completely exposed to the public. This is to generate as much interest from locals, visitors and tourists that walk the route and experience the atmosphere we intend to create through our eight project scheme.

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