fire testing lab - hgal

Project Description:

The fire testing laboratory was a unique project for an aviation company based in Segensworth. The client brief was to produce a small structure consisting of an observation room and a burn room. The burn room is to house a large flame burner and a chair that will be draped in fabric used in the uphosltery of airline seats. The burner is designed to analyse the chemicals given off from the fabric during the burn.

The laboratory is the first to be constructed in the UK for this type of testing which made it an interesting and challenging project. Whilst only being a small structure it was important that the design and specification are tailored to its specific function.

I was fortunate enough to take on this project independently, reporting to a senior architect for final approval with each work stage. Taking part in the planning meeting for the project was an excellent learning experience. The senior architect I worked with taught me a large amount about dealing with a unique project such as this, whilst giving me the freedom to make my own design and detailing choices.

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